Kuwahara's Pumpkin Patch and Thriller Park 2020

Pumpkin Patch

Open for Pumpkin

Sales September 15th

Thriller Park (where

the fun happens) -

Adventure Corn Maze,

Haunted Thriller Manor,

Zombie Paintball,

Live performances,

light shows and more.....

Opens September 25th

COVID Safety

  • Salt Lake County has mandated as of Oct 13th Masks be required in all outdoor gatherings (not just in confined spaces) Masks are required upon entry

  • We will have a capacity limit for both our pumpkin patch and Thriller Park-

  • To help manage crowds on our pumpkin patch side (this is not the activities side Thriller Park, tickets to Thriller Park do not go towards pumpkin purchases) we will charge a $5 fee pp to get into our pumpkin patch but that $5 can go towards anything at our fall festival such as pumpkins, tickets to Thriller Park or Thriller Manor, etc. HOWEVER* during high peak times the fee will become a charge that does not go towards anything but entrance to manage crowds BUT if you purchase tickets to Thriller Park or Thriller Manor, you can get in without any other fee but your ticket price

  • We will be mandating 6ft social distancing between groups

  • We will have hand sanitizer stations and hand washing stations

  • CC or Debit Card payment only

  • We will have vigorous cleaning procedures

  • Employee health will be screened at the beginning of each shift

  • We will have times for people that are High Risk to come enjoy our pumpkin patch on Mondays and Wednesdays from

  • 10:00am-11:00am


Purchase Tickets

To Thriller 

Park Here


Frequently Asked ?'s.........

  1. ​Can you bring dogs? - YES! As long as they are leashed and you clean up after your furry family.

  2. Do we allow photographers? - With COVID we are limiting photography during high peak times such as weekends, Friday-Sunday. The pass is subject to a photography fee. If you want to book a time for a shoot there is a photography pass fee of $40 plus entrance for everyone in your party. If you would like to book when we are not open to the public please message -

  3. When are our 'peak busy times'?- The busiest times are Friday- Sundays. If you are wanting to come during slower times Monday - Thursday are best 

  4. What are your social media accounts to tag photos? Instagram and Facebook are Kuwahara Wholesale

  5. Will you have food there? - YES! We have food trucks that will be at our event and concessions so come HUNGRY!

  6. When do the activities at Thriller Park start? 5:00pm every night

  7. When are the nightly performances?- 6:30pm, 7:30pm, 8:30pm