Sandy recently posted a letter from October of violations. These violations were only given end of August and the ones that could be were addressed and resolved before October. Here are the status of these.

Here is a snip of the engineered plans for the fire access.

Utah Code

Page 1

Effective 5/12/2015 10-9a-525 High tunnels -- Exemption from municipal regulation. (1) As used in this section, "high tunnel" means a structure that: (a) is not a permanent structure; (b) is used for the keeping, storing, sale, or shelter of an agricultural commodity; and (c) has a: (i) metal, wood, or plastic frame; (ii) plastic, woven textile, or other flexible covering; and (iii) floor made of soil, crushed stone, matting, pavers, or a floating concrete slab. (2) A municipal building code does not apply to a high tunnel. (3) No building permit shall be required for the construction of a high tunnel.


Sandy Code

Section 5-1-14 states, in relevant part:

(a) Persons engaged in the following activities may be exempt from

the license provisions under this title:

(1) a farmer engaged in the production of crops, livestock and

other agricultural products and in the sale exclusively of

agricultural products by him, provided such crops and other

agricultural products are sold on the property where grown,


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